A Golden Day in Jiufen

This past weekend I explored the former gold mining town of Jiufen! With one day to visit I decided to peruse its well known Gold Museum and Old Street.

Located approximately 70 minutes from Taipei, this quaint town and its Japanese influence are definitely worth seeing during your stay in Taipei.

You can take a taxi or uber (YES they have uber in Taiwan and it is quite cheap!!) However, beware of additional charges to your Credit Card or PayPal account.

If you’re on a budget, bus or train is the way to go!

I met my friends Sandra and Helen at the MRT exit 1 of the Zhongxiao FuXing station and we got a little lost trying to find where to catch the Keelung Transit #1062 bus that goes to Jiufen…

Cue super detailed bus stop finding instructions:

Walk out of exit 1 and take a sharp right out of the exit stairs, (walk in the opposite direction you came out of) towards FuXing S. Road, Section 1.

Fashionistas, you will notice an ESPIRT on the corner if you look to your left.

Take the cross walk past FuXing S. Road, then continue past another side street and a Watson’s (both to your left). Walk beyond MRT Exit 4 for Zhongxiao FuXing station and keep on trekking until you see an area with multiple bus stops. Remember: fellow travellers will be a sign that you’re in the right place.

FYI: DaAn Road, Section 1 and Zhongxiao East Road is the closest intersection visible from the stop.

It will cost you $90 NTD to get to Jiufen or if you have an Easy card (another thing I highly advise getting as it provides use to Taipei’s subways, buses, and bike systems) it charges $45 each way.

  • Travel tip 1: If you’re staying awhile and will have a cell phone plan with data, download the app “Bus Tracker”for Taipei. It will save you so much stress and time.
  • Travel tip 2: Once the 1062 bus comes (approx every 10 minutes during the day time) try to snag a seat on the left side of the bus, you’ll be able to catch some amazing views (and even pictures with a good enough camera) on the way up to Jiufen!
  • Travel tip 3: You’re going to want to take pictures ALL day so buy or bring a portable charger for your phone, your future self will thank your current self for this.

When I arrived at the museum I can say it honestly wasn’t what I was expecting. My newfound friends and I quickly realized that it was not your typical museum set up but for us, this was extremely refreshing! We paid $80 NTD (or $3.25 Canadian) and off we went!

The exhibits had interactive components and my favourite had a large piece of gold you could touch in addition to a lot of fascinating information about the city and its mines during World War Two.

My favourite aspect of the day was wondering around the grounds and looking at all of the natural beauty this bird’s eye perspective provided.

After a nice lunch at a cute cafe on the museum grounds we headed back to the bus stop where we waited for a bus ($15 NTD) to take us to the heart of Jiufen to stroll through the Old Street.

Travel tip 4: If you don’t enjoy crowds or have serious claustrophobia it will be best to visit this street in the early afternoon on a week day, or avoid it all together. The street is busiest on weekends at night.IMG_6672

Personally, I loved Jiufen’s Old Street. Visit and you will find vendor after vendor selling different types of tea, meats, treats, and so much more! The shops ranged from selling post cards to fine jewellery; it was quite impossible for your eyes to ever be bored.

After browsing the streets we stumbled upon a delicious restaurant where we enjoyed pork dumplings, beef with vegetables and fresh shrimp fried rice (not pictured because we were so hungry there was no time). This had to be my favourite meal I have had in Taiwan so far!

To find it, take the Old Street road and when you come to a point where you can go up or down, walk down and it will eventually be on your left, shortly before the end of the stairs!

Travel tip 5: On a weekend it is difficult to get back to Taipei by bus due to the amount of tourists. SO If you don’t want to wait amongst the restless crowds hop on a bus to Keelung and take the train back to Taipei. Keelung also has it’s amazing Miaokou Night Market, a great way to end your day!

It’s safe to say, with its breathtaking views, interesting shops, and delicious food Jiufen stole a piece of my heart this past weekend.

Where did this information come from? See for yourself! 

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