The Girl Behind the Eyes

Are you tired of the same old? Do you feel the need to do something totally new and different with your life? Perhaps you’re jealous of all your friends posting unreal pictures of their world travels? (I know I was)

And that is why I decided to do something about it. 

As a recent graduate of Western University (Go Stangs!!) I found myself very unsure of my next steps. Not because I wasn’t prepared, but because I wasn’t emotionally ready. I personally could not yet imagine myself in a desk job, already starting my life career.

Then, like that time Maya Rudolph realized summer was almost over,maya rit hit me! Why not travel (and earn some money) all at the same time?!

Fast forward to today where over the course of the next five months, I’ll be working and living amongst Taiwanese locals in Taipei, Taiwan.

I’m already learning so much, and this is only the beginning. 

Any time where I am not confined to an office I plan on travelling to a new destination, whether it be in Taiwan or to a country nearby!

New mantra: the world is such a big place, so if you have the means, why wait any longer to start exploring it?

So friends, this is an exclusive invitation. Join me on this journey; laugh and learn from my mistakes and most importantly remember to check in for travel, food, cultural insights (and much more) all from this outsider’s point of view.

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